Interactive Notebooks
All students are required to have a spiral notebook or a composition book for class. This notebook will be used only for Language Arts and will be maintained throughout the school year (you will need about 4 notebooks for the year). Your INB will be used for class notes, class assignments, handouts as well as other assignments. Please keep up with the assignments given in class in order to prevent point deductions as your INB will be graded twice per quarter. Instructions on how to maintain your notebook will be given. You must have your notebook in class everyday and each page of your notebook must be dated and titled.
Keeping a neat, organized INB will be a part of your grade. I will collect INBs on announced dates to be checked for completion and accuracy. INBs will count as a test grade. The scale will follow the standard grading scale. If you are absent it will be your responsibility to obtain notes and handouts missed. There will be a master notebook containing work completed in class.
  • Other than the teacher, no one may read a student’s notebook without the writers permission
  • The notebook must not be brought to each class session
  • Notebooks must not be used for doodling or for other classes.
  • Notebooks will be reviewed and assessed periodically throughout the quarter
  • Creativity and originality are strongly encouraged
  • Adding illustrations, decorative borders or other creative input to illuminate written assignment is always welcome (it cannot obstruct the reading of the text).
Starting Your Notebook:
  • Create a cover page. Be sure to include your name, Language Arts-Block 1 or 4
  • Create an author page on the first page of the INB
  • Beginning on page 2, title the page Table of Contents(this should be 3 pages)
  • Page 1 will begin after the Table of Contents
  • All pages will be numbered (as we use them)